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Tips for Planning the Perfect Surprise Proposal

Updated: Jan 18

So you’re ready to take the plunge and pop the question to your special someone! You want to make it perfect – something that will reflect your love for them and be remembered forever. But where do you start? There are a few things you need to consider when planning a surprise proposal. Let’s dive in.

1) Small Details!

Be mindful of the little details that may make a big difference when reflecting on the day! Things like finding a strategic (and unsuspicious) way beforehand to make sure partner's nails, hair and outfit are up to par. Also, if you plan to have photos/videos taken, be conscious of little details like clearing pockets, taking off sunglasses, putting down purses and jackets, etc.

2) Location, Location, Location!

The most important part of planning a surprise proposal is choosing the right location. If you are looking for something grand and elegant, consider renting out a venue, reserving space at a local hotel or setting it up during a vacation. On the other hand, if you want something more simple or intimate and personal, choose a meaningful/significant spot such as where you two first met, your favorite park, etc. Whatever location you choose, ensure that it is easily accessible and secluded enough so that your partner won’t suspect anything! If you happen to be planning the proposal in or near Atlanta, check out my other blog post for suggestions.

3) Aesthetics Are Key

Once you have chosen a location for your surprise proposal, it’s time to think about the aesthetics. Depending on your budget and style preference, you can go all out with things like a balloon arch, big “Will you Marry Me?” sign, a collage of your photos together and/or a walkway of roses. You can also keep it simple and natural by allowing the nature around you to make for beautiful scenery. Consider what kind of vibe you’d like to give off when choosing decorations and ambiance– elegant or whimsical? Romantic or modern? At the end of the day, whatever makes both of you happy is what matters most!

4) Capturing The Moment

This monumental moment requires something more than just selfies or photos taken on cell phones – an experienced photographer specializing in candid shots/proposal photography will ensure that each moment is captured perfectly so that you can keep these memories alive forever!

5) Bonus: Family

If possible, it would be great to include close family members and friends in on the surprise! Whether having them there when you pop the question or having them pop up after you have your intimate moment, It’s always nice to have loved ones there when celebrating such a special occasion–especially if they live far away and don't get to see each other very often.

Planning a surprise proposal can seem overwhelming at first, but focusing on these key elements should assure a seamless and unforgettable proposal! Most importantly, remember to have fun because the prep process will also be apart of this core memory.

Looking for an Atlanta Proposal Photographer?

If you're still in need of an Atlanta (and surrounding areas) based photographer for your proposal, then I'm your girl! Taking candid photos is my specialty and nothing brings me more joy than capturing these momentous occasions as they unfold in front of my lens.

To book me for your special day, you can review package info and book here!

You can also follow me on Instagram at @capturedbyshantel


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