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Here are some FAQs that should help with most general questions asked prior to booking! If you have any further questions outside of what you see here, don't hesitate to send a message through the chat box. Also, for location suggestions and other helpful tips, feel free to check out my blog posts! 

  • When is the best day & time to shoot?
    BEST DAYS: Weekdays are the recommended days to shoot. Mainly because most shoot locations aren't as packed on weekdays and if your session date happens to be cloudy, there's a higher chance of me having the flexibility to move your shoot time around. BEST TIMES: On a normal, sunny day, for an outdoor session, the best time to shoot would be either a start time at sunrise (or starting no later than 10 am, but the earlier the better for best results to avoid harsh sunlight) or 1 hour before sunset. Prior to booking, you can do a google search to see what time the sun is projected to rise and set in GA on the date you are looking to shoot. Direct sunlight (typically in the middle of the day) for outdoor sessions isn't ideal for photos however, if the location chosen has plenty of shade, we’d have more flexibility to shoot during the day! INDOOR SESSION: If the session is indoors, before 3pm is ideal, that way we get as much sun as possible coming into the space (since I am a natural light photographer, please only consider using indoor spaces with lots of windows and sun coming inside the space!) WHEN CLOUDY: If it ends up being a cloudy day, it’s best to shoot anytime before 4-5pm (depending how overcast it is). But since we can’t accurately predict whether or not a day will be overcast, I typically recommend clients have flexibility on their session date, in case we need to shoot earlier (also dependent on availability).
  • What’s the booking process?
    To view package info and book your session, click on the "book" tab from the home page, then click "book photo session". Please read ALL prompts! Your session will be solidified upon approval and payment of 50% non-refundable deposit.
  • How is the location(s) chosen?
    If you already have a location in mind, great! We’ll go with that. If not, I’d recommend checking out my Instagram for location ideas (@capturedbyshantel), checking out the BLOG POSTS on my website or googling popular areas to take photos. If from there you are still unsure, you can just tell me the vibe you are going for and I can help you choose a location! Please note that I am a natural light photographer- I do not use artificial lighting so if you wish to book an indoor location, whether a home, studio or another venue, please remember that it must have lots of windows and good sunlight coming into the space! To receive $50 off your natural light studio booking, use this LINK!
  • Do you do studio work?
    Since my work is more “lifestyle” (please do a search on my website and/or Pinterest to get an idea of what lifestyle photography is to assure my work is the right fit for you), I do not offer studio work with artificial lighting. If one wants to use their home (if there's good natural light coming into the windows) or a natural light studio (a studio with lots of windows and sunlight coming into the space), that is an option. Please note that studio charges are separate. To receive $50 off your natural light studio booking, use this LINK! For natural light studios, I'd recommend finding one on Please communicate with me about the date and time requested before booking the studio!
  • What is the turnaround time for final edits?
    Typically, clients will receive their proofs within 24 hours from time of session. Once you make your selections, your final images are typically sent back within 3-5 business days. Though this is typical, it all depends on how busy that week is. If you are on a time restraint, please communicate that before booking.
  • What are watermarked proofs?
    These are the thumbnails sent over so that one can choose their final images. The watermarked proofs are SOLELY for choosing images and not for use of any kind (sharing on social media, printing, etc).
  • What is your traveling policy?
    The first 20 miles are complimentary and anything after that would be 60 cents per mile. If you'd like to confirm the mileage prior to booking, feel free to message me from the chat box on the home page!
  • What is the rescheduling policy?
    If rescheduling is due to inclement weather (rain, snow or hail- overcast would not fall into this category), there is no rescheduling fee! Since the forecast is often unreliable, we’d decide whether or not rescheduling is necessary 24 hours before the appointed session (please take that into consideration if booking makeup and hair). The only time rescheduling due to overcast would be considered at no additional charge is if a client specifically requested a sunset shoot. In that case, rescheduling would be considered (not guaranteed) based on availability. If rescheduling is NOT due to inclement weather, there is a $30 rescheduling fee applied if 30 days or less notice from appointed date, $50 rescheduling fee if 14 days or less and a $100 rescheduling fee for 7 days or less notice.
  • What do you recommend for attire?
    It’s ultimately up to you, but I recommend wearing colors that will compliment the shoot location. If there are multiple people in the shoot, I recommend color coordinating but also not being too “matchy matchy”!
  • Do I need to come prepared with a theme?
    I ALWAYS welcome my client’s vision! So if you have anything specific in mind, please communicate it and also feel free to send over inspiration (photos from pinterest, social media, google, etc) to assure we’re on the same page. If you have nothing specific in mind, that’s okay too! We will “freestyle” it and just get great, natural, “lifestyleish” shots that show your personalities.
  • Do you provide makeup or videography?
    I do not provide these services nor am I affiliated with any makeup artist or videographer. If you need recommendations though, I can gladly send some over (please note that most recommendations are people I follow on social media, not people i’ve personally worked with). Please be sure to do your own vetting/research for any recomendations given!
  • What does it mean for the images to be "lightly edited"?"
    I love to celebrate realism, so my editing style is more on the natural side. I try to keep editing to a minimum and showcase exactly what was captured in the camera as the final product. With that being said, you should expect minor fixes like color correcting and brightening if necessary, adding a little clarity/sharpness and contrast, as well as SLIGHTLY smoothing the skin and removing some small body marks. If one prefers more of an airbrushed look or more editing in general, please communicate that prior to booking.
  • What are your business hours?
    I am typically reachable via text on and off between 9am-7pm, Monday-Friday (unless we have a weekend session or early AM session booked together.) Please note that I am a "one-man show" and will respond back to your messages as soon as I can!
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