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Eloping: Why It's the Perfect Choice for Your Wedding

Updated: Apr 19

Weddings are supposed to be fun, right? In theory, yes, but let’s be real- the process of planning them can be a nightmare. So why put yourself (and everyone staying by your side) through the agony? Here's a proposition you may or may not have considered: eloping! In this blog post, i’m going to tell you exactly why it's the perfect choice for your wedding day.

1) It's Way More Affordable

First and foremost, eloping is much cheaper than organizing a wedding ceremony. Picture spending a fraction of what you would on a wedding without having to sell your soul to finance it. The flowers, catering, venue, dress, guests, and even the photographer are all considerably cheaper, which allows you to set aside more money for your honeymoon, new home, etc.

2) You're in Complete Control

Eloping means that you get to cut out the middleman. You don't have to argue back and forth with caterers, venues or wedding planners who envision the day far from exactly how you’d like it. You can plan at your own pace and rest easy knowing that the final decision is yours alone.

3) No Need to Stress the Small Stuff

When you're planning a wedding, everything can feel crucial-from the seating arrangements to the proper color scheme. The pressure to create the 'perfect day' can often be overwhelming. With eloping, you can avoid so much unneeded stress and anxiety. An elopement would allow you to focus on the small but significant things that matter to YOU! Whether that’s having the day documented by a photographer and/or videographer, curating a sentimental act for your significant other or planning a memorable hike to your elopement destination. Outside of that, all you need to consider is what you're going to wear, where you'll go, and how you'll celebrate afterward.

4) It's Romantic and Intimate

When you finally greet each other and recite your vows in an empty field, near the ocean or on a beautiful rock formation, it creates an intimate and unforgettable moment. There is no stress-inducing crowd of individuals surrounding you, and no feeling like you're performing in front of an audience. It's just you two and the person who will be binding you together forever. This option will also allow you to truly soak up the moment.

In Conclusion

The best part about eloping is precisely what makes it the perfect option for you – it's your day through and through. There is no need to stick to traditions, to follow a timeline, to spend time with dozens of people you haven’t seen in years, or to worry about pleasing family members (who will inevitably be disappointed with something). Instead, you can choose to spend the day exactly how you'd like it- it's your love story! So throw tradition out the window and say 'yes' to what you both truly want to do.

Looking for an Atlanta Elopement or Intimate Wedding Photographer?

Whether you want to run off and tie the knot in a courthouse, your own backyard, or to an exotic location thousands of miles away, you want a photographer that will guarantee you won't miss a single memorable moment. And with years of experience, and a passion for capturing love, I believe I can help you make your day everything you want it to be!

If you’re interested in booking info, you can submit your request here.

You can also follow me on Instagram at @capturedbyshantel


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